Nick Overduin

Who We Are in God’s Kingdom – Nick Overduin

Luke 17:7-10 Guest speaker Nick Overduin preached this sermon October 29, 2017 at Hebron Church.  Today, Nick leads us through a discussion of the simple contract of the slave-master (employer-employee) relationship as described in the bible. This parable Jesus told in the book of Luke leads us to understand that we are un-owed-towards servants; all that God has done for us, is not because of our ...[Read More]

The Story of Dinah – Wasn’t it right that we got angry? – Nick Overduin

Genesis 34 This week we welcome guest pastor Nick Overduin who joins us from Zion CRC in Oshawa. Together we look at the story of Dinah and what can go wrong when we take the responsibility of enacting justice upon ourselves. In this sermon, we answer two important questions: Who is God? and Who are we? Want to take this Sermon with you? We’ve included a handy link below so that you can list ...[Read More]