What to Expect

Check out the video to catch a glimpse of a typical Sunday morning worship service at Hebron.

Attending a new Church can be a bit unsettling at first, but there is no need to be shy because we are very excited to have you with us. Nevertheless here are some things you may be wondering about.

Attire? How do I dress? Does it matter?
At Hebron you will find a wide array of Sunday morning fashion; yes some prefer the three-piece suit, but others jeans and a t-shirt. In Christ our merit is not based on our appearance, but rather on his work on our behalf. So be encouraged and feel free to wear what you is comfortable for you.

Worship? Will there be singing? Do I have to sing?
Yes, there will be singing during our worship, but no you don’t have to sing along. We enjoy lifting our voices, albeit some of them off pitch, to praise our risen Savior Jesus. At Hebron we sing a blend of the old and the new; Gospel centric choruses from the past and passionate hymns for the future. But singing is just one part of our Sunday morning worship; prayer, proclamation of the Gospel, and Scripture reading are all other important elements.

People? Will I fit in?
Hebron is full of everyday people from a variety of walks of life. Not one of us is perfect, nor would we claim to be. To paraphrase Romans, ‘All have sinned and we all fall short of the mark.’ Instead we are people in the midst of transformation clinging to the gift of the Gospel as everyday we seek to be conformed to the likeness of our Savior Jesus.

Is this an all day thing? How long is a worship service?
No, not all day, a typical Sunday morning worship service at Hebron is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Most people choose to stay a little while longer for a coffee and some chatter in the main lobby, but that is entirely up to you.

Is there an offering? Are you going to ask me for money?
Yes, there is an offering, but no you should not feel obliged to give, nor would we expect you to; there is no admission cost for Sunday morning worship. The offering is a part of worship for members of Hebron, it provides an opportunity for us to respond to God’s love by joining together through use of our gifts to share the love of Christ in a tangible way.

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