Alive in Christ

Lord, Send Me – Mark Jallim

Isaiah 6:1-13 This week, guest pastor Mark Jallim leads us through a sermon about the good gifts God gives us, especially grace.  Want to take this Sermon with you? We’ve included a handy link below so that you can listen to the audio file alone. Or if you want to download the MP3 file, right click the ‘Download’ link text below the podcast and select ‘Download Linked File& ...[Read More]

Jesus our Model for Passionate Discipleship – Share The Work

James 2:10-26 This is the next message in our sermon series called “Jesus our Model for Passionate Discipleship.” At Hebron, we strive to be Passionate Disciples of Jesus Christ who make Passionate Disciples for Jesus Christ and our hope for this sermon series is that it might be an encouragement and a blessing to you in that pursuit.  Want to take this Sermon with you? We’ve inc ...[Read More]

古旧的十架与现代的教会 证道:李心明 牧师

哥林多前书 1: 18-31节 18因为十字架的道理,在那灭亡的人为愚拙。在我们得救的人却为神的大能。 19就如经上所记,我要灭绝智慧人的智慧,废弃聪明人的聪明。 20智慧人在哪里?文士在哪里?这世上的辩士在哪里?神岂不是叫这世上的智慧变成愚拙吗? 21世人凭自己的智慧,既不认识神,神就乐意用人所当作愚拙的道理,拯救那些信的人。这就是神的智慧了。 22犹太人是要神迹,希利尼人是求智慧。 23我们却是传钉十字架的基督,在犹太人为绊脚石,在外邦人为愚拙。 24但在那蒙召的无论是犹太人,希利尼人,基督总为神的能力,神的智慧。25因神的愚拙总比人智慧。神的软弱总比人强壮。 26弟兄们哪,可见你们蒙召的,按着肉体有智慧的不多,有能力的不多,有尊贵的也不多。 27神却拣选了世上愚拙的,叫有智慧的羞愧。又拣选了世上软弱的,叫那强壮的羞愧。

Who We Are in God’s Kingdom – Nick Overduin

Luke 17:7-10 Guest speaker Nick Overduin preached this sermon October 29, 2017 at Hebron Church.  Today, Nick leads us through a discussion of the simple contract of the slave-master (employer-employee) relationship as described in the bible. This parable Jesus told in the book of Luke leads us to understand that we are un-owed-towards servants; all that God has done for us, is not because of our ...[Read More]

Summer Sermons – Confess and Believe

Romans 10:1-15 Pastor Darren preached this sermon August 13, 2017 at Hebron Church. Now that we have finished our major sermon series for the year, this is the third sermon of the summer months. In today’s text, we hear from the Apostle Paul explaining the message of the Gospel and the righteousness to be found there. This righteousness is a gift from Christ and is meant to be the defining p ...[Read More]

Kingdom Manifesto – Ask, Seek, Knock

Matthew 7:7-11 Pastor Darren preached this sermon May 7, 2017 at Hebron Church. This is the eighteenth sermon in a series called “Kingdom Manifesto: Lessons From the Mount.”  This series is based on Jesus’ sermon on the Mount as recorded in the book of Matthew and is our major sermon series for this church year. Throughout the series, we look at each part of Jesus’ message ...[Read More]

Advent – Children’s Program Homily

Luke 2:8-18 This is the second Sunday in the season of Advent, a time when we anticipate the coming of Christ and prepare for the celebration of his birth so long ago. Pastor Darren Hoogendoorn preached this message December 4, 2016 at Hebron Church just after the children’s Christmas program in a combined service with our Mandarin brothers and sisters. In this short homily, we hear about Je ...[Read More]

天上的福气(2) ……. 赵春华 长 老

主祷文 我们在天上的父, 愿人都尊你的名为圣。 愿你的国降临。 愿你的旨意行在地上, 如同行在天上。 我们日用的饮食,今日赐给我们。 免我们的债, 如同我们免了人的债。 不叫我们遇见试探, 救我们脱离凶恶。 因为国度、权柄、荣耀,全是你的, 直到永远。阿们。

《哈利路亚–你们要赞美耶和华》—- 赵春华 长老

诗 篇 146:2 我一生要赞美耶和华,我还活的时候要歌颂我的神。

《主工人的榜样》 证道:赵春华长老

《腓立比书 2:4-5》   各人不要单顾自己的事,也要顾别人的事。你们当以基督耶稣的心为心。