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Society and the church can often ignore the spiritual needs of people who have intellectual disabilities. At Friendship Ministries, however, we believe that:
  • Everyone is created in God’s image and is deserving of love and justice—both in our society and in our churches. People who have intellectual disabilities deserve a chance to know about God and feel God’s love. They also deserve to be treated with respect, and to have friendships with others who know and love God.
  • Redemption is a gift to all. It’s a gift from God that is not dependent on a certain level of intelligence.
  • The church is complete only when it includes all of God’s children and when all people are seen as equals—in God’s eyes and in our own eyes.
The purpose of the Friendship program is to nurture the spiritual growth of people with intellectual disabilities in the context of personal and meaningful relationships. Here’s how it works:
  • Sessions often start in a large group with singing, sharing, and prayer.
  • Next, a Bible lesson is shared. This usually includes group participation, often in drama format.
  • This is followed by one-on-one time, where mentors and friends meet to discuss the Bible lesson and pray together. Often this time includes activities related to the Bible study.
  • Finally, the group gathers again for social time and a closing prayer or song.

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