The Refuge 1500 Meal Project


The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre in Oshawa provides over 12,000 meals per year to homeless youth.  In conversation with The Refuge, Hebron’s Deacons learned that the most financially difficult time of year is late autumn.  The Refuge’s resources are at rock bottom in   November and early December as they anticipate support from churches and the community at Christmas.  In response, Hebron’s 1,500 MEALS PROJECT will help bridge the gap.  The cost of each meal is $3.50; Hebron’s goal is to raise $5,250 over 4 weeks in the morning offering.  There will be a short update from The Refuge each week prior to the offering.  Look for the display in the worship centre to see how many meals we’ve provided!

Meal Campaign Recap

This year’s Refuge Meal Campaign raised over $7,181 or 2,051 meals. That means we exceeded our 1500 meal goal by over 36% and that is cause to be thankful. It is our prayer that these meals will help convey in a tangible way the love of God to those at the Refuge.

What is the Refuge?

The Refuge’s drop-in centre provides some of the comforts of home, like healthy, home-cooked meals, laundry and shower facilities, a backyard community garden, telephone and printer, plus life-changing programs and much more.  In addition to meeting physical needs, The Refuge staff and volunteers seek to develop trusting relationships with the youth.  Through those relationships, the staff are given opportunities to help by meeting needs, making referrals to specialized agencies, giving encouragement and modelling decision-making skills.  These relationships start over a home-cooked meal….thus the need for our 1,500 meals project.  The Refuge demonstrates, in a tangible way, the love that God has for each of the youth.

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