Summer Sermons – Solomon Asks for Wisdom

1 Kings 3:3-15 Pastor Darren preached this sermon July 30, 2017 at Hebron Church. Now that we have finished our major sermon series for the year, this is the first sermon of the summer months. In today’s text, we see Solomon ask God for wisdom and together, we learn how this helps us reveal what idols we put before God in our own lives. This text helps us to realize the need for forgiveness ...[Read More]

God – The Wisdom Of God

Didn’t get it all the first time? You can download an MP3 file and listen again whenever you like. We’ve included a handy podcaster and link below so that you can listen to the audio file by itself, or download the MP3 file. If you want to download the MP3 file, right click the ‘Download’ link text below the podcast and select ‘Download Linked File’ from the menu. We are also available ...[Read More]