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Hebron has a vibrant and active group of Young Adults (post High School to 35) who are passionate about Jesus and his love. Birthed out of this passion is a desire to build authentic community and to grow in the Gospel through discipleship. The forum for this is the Young Adults House Church that happens on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm @Jenn&Darryl’s. Running on a rhythm of three weeks on and one week off, the Hebron Young Adults gather for a time of worship, fellowship, teaching, prayer, and Gospel huddle. In addition to the Young Adults House Church there is always something extra going on, whether it be heading out to a movie, meeting for breakfast or even playing some beach volleyball. Please use the contact form below to email our Administrative Coordinator and get connected.

What is a House Church?

House churches are a weekly or bi-weekly midweek gatherings which consists of between 12 – 25 people, and have a three-fold purpose. First, house churches seek to build authentic, intimate community within the broader corporate church community by giving individuals the space

  1. to strengthen one another through prayer
  2. to share one another’s burdens and
  3. to celebrate what the Lord has done in and through their lives.

Second, house churches seek to be avenues of spiritual growth as they

  1. center the lives of those involved upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ which
  2. lays the ground for a the free pursuit of the sanctified life through honest accountability.

Third, house churches give the space for individuals to live out the Gospel as the community encourages one another to live their lives in line with the Gospel, and attempts to share the good news with others through missional community nights.

What is a Gospel-Huddle?

Gospel-Huddles are confidential, gender specific (if necessary trans-gender) weekly or bi-weekly meetings consisting of 2 – 4 people who are determined to

  1. experience the freedom found in Christ and
  2. grow in their delight and exaltation of God by means of Gospel-centered accountability which seeks to produce passionate disciples of Jesus Christ who live out their faith in all areas of their lives.

Gospel-Huddles begin with an agreement to the following questions:

  1. Are you hungering to seek God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?
  2. Are you willing to be vulnerable, in confidentiality with other believers?
  3. Are you willing to take instructions, affirmation, and challenges from others?
  4. Are you willing to use your spiritual gifts to edify others in your group?
  5. Are you resolved to forsake your idols and inordinate loves?

After all have agreed to the principal surrounding the Gospel-huddle, individuals are invited and given ample opportunity to answer the primary questions: “How has God been working in your life? or “How have you been experiencing God? or “What has God been asking of you lately?” From this point the leader is to ask follow-up questions: What does the Gospel of Jesus Christ mean for your particular situation? or “How could you apply the Gospel to your particular situation?” Following which the leader finishes by asking: What are you going do about this?

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